Some of my latest projects.


Jennifer Kiel Structural Harmony

Jennifer Kiel wanted a more dynamic site than the cookie-cutter template she was provided with by her initial host. I constructed a responsive theme from scratch using Bootstrap media queries as a guide. Jennifer maintains and edits her site using SurrealCMS.

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Nahant SWIM 1 Nahant SWIM 2

Nahant SWIM

Nahant S.W.I.M. (Safer Waters in Massachusetts), is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that works to keep the waters around Mass. clean for future generations. Working in tandem with board executives Vi Patek and Alice Cort, I created a simple, responsive template that accentuates the organization's goals and needs.

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Vermont State Parks 1 Vermont State Parks 2

Vermont State Parks

Vermont State Parks' old website was outdated and built using tables and inline CSS. Working with the department's marketing head, I created and utilized a bootstrap-powered template that is intuitive and easy to use.

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Agatewood 1 Agatewood 2

Agatewood Strategies

Agatewood writes and implements LEED-certified sustainability strategies for a variety of organizations and institutions. Principal Dave Low came to me looking for a professional website that would be easy to manage. I bounced some template ideas off him and then created this modified WP theme.

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North Haven Whaler Rentals 1 North Haven Whaler Rentals 2

North Haven Whaler Rentals

Kate Yoder and her family were trying to get their fledgling whaler rental operation off the ground and approached Bartlett and me about helping in the process. We created this Squarespace site that utilizes a third-party rental system.

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Agrin Health 1 Agrin Health 2

Agrin Health E-Biography

I coded and helped design the login, setup and dashboard screens for a Nashville-based health startup.

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Adventureland 1 Adventureland 2

Adventureland Travel Blog

This travel blog site is hard-coded and based upon a Squarespace theme. Fixed-positioning parallax effects and hover transitions give it a dynamic feel. (HTML, CSS, jQuery)

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My professional portfolio is hard coded using specialized hover effects, css transitions and clip masks. (HTML, CSS, jQuery)